"Earthworm is the pulse of the soil, healthier the pulse healthier the soil"
Ecoscience Research Foundation
ERF is dedicated to improve the quality of life on earth by being friends of the earth. We believe life can be made better by being friendlier to the environment we live in. We strive for our objective through research, creating awareness and by finding newer methods to conserve earth's precious resources.
Completed projects
Ecological interactions - Soil, Earthworm and grass.
Biodiversity of soil organisms and bioenergetics of earthworm populations in natural and interfered ecosystems.
Do not waste waste!
Nature bestows everything in due balance - the hill and the valleys, the plains, the deserts, the meandering rivers and the voluminous oceans all bear testimony to the creation and the might of nature.
About a Friend of the Earth
After he was done with evolution theory, Charles Darwin turned his attention to earthworms. In 1872 - a few months 
before he died - he published 'The Formation of Vegetable Mould Through the Action of Worms with Observations on 
Their Habits'.
The Earthworm Book
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